Project Description

Modern television sets, although technologically advanced in picture and sound, are generally stationary. If the viewer wishes to watch the television while moving around a room, the television must be manually rotated to face the viewer. Similarly, in an operating room a surgeon must be able to move freely around the room but must also be constantly in view of any monitors. A system that allows the monitor to follow the surgeon would be beneficial. The project would also have applications in the home and sports bars, where the change to from CRT screens to LCD screens has lead to a decrease in the viewing angle.

The goal of this project is to design a Smart TV which can rotate to optimize the viewing position of all viewers. In addition to following the viewer around a room, it should also be able to adjust the output volume of the television according to the distance between the viewer and the screen. The system should be non-intrusive, meaning that the television’s electronics will not be altered.

See the Project page for more information.


This project is being completed by:

  • Jonathan Mash - Hardware/Software Integration and Sensors
  • Mike Studli - Hardware Development
  • Liliane Barbour - Software/Micro-Controller Programming
  • Dr. Hashtrudi-Zaad - Faculty Supervisor
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